Meditation at Macaulay

Over the past few years we have worked with our students to integrate contemplative practices more and more into the life of our school. The Department of Immersive and Personalized Education at Macaulay has partnered with interested students and renowned meditation instructors to develop weekly classes, silent retreats, and contemplative travel opportunities for the community.

Every Thursday evening during the school year—from 7pm to 8pm—students and staff are invited to our meditation instruction and group discussion at the Macaulay building.

Our aim is to build a supportive community dedicated to practicing together, and to create new spaces of slowness and care. With this spirit of curiosity and experiment, we can loosen our sense of urgent identification with the things that worry us.

For more information, please contact:

Mike Lamb

Mike Lamb
Thomas R. Slaughter Scholar-in-Residence; Director of Immersive & Personalized Education

Office Location: Macaulay Honors College
Phone: (212) 729-2907(212) 729-2907
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