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Neeru Bhagirath

Neeru Bhagirath is a biology major at the City College of New York who is interested in pursuing a career in medicine. She has pursued her interests through service, traveling, and interning. Neeru has worked with several volunteer organizations including Peer Health Exchange in which she served in all leadership positions with the most rewarding being Co-Coordinator, Habitat for Humanity in which she served as the Building Coordinator, and NYU Langone Health as an Emergency Medicine Research Associate. With her dedication to service, she was awarded the title of being a Kenan Scholar, allowing her to travel to Ecuador and the Galapagos this past summer to volunteer with children in a marketplace and schools. In addition to her dedication to service, Neeru has interned with Weill Cornell Englander Institute of Precision Medicine as an AR/VR Software Engineer, with Macaulay as a Student Life Intern, and with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals as a Winter Intern. She would like to thank her parents, siblings, advisor, and the incredibly supportive staff for always believing in her success.

Roshan Chudhry

Roshan Chudhry is a clinical psychology major and a biology minor who has aimed to emphasize the importance of mental health throughout her college career. Working as a peer health educator, she taught ninth grade students about mental health issues and provided resources they could utilize throughout the city. She also sought to expand mental health education in the CUNY community by facilitating mental health first aid trainings as president of the Macaulay Psychology Club. Furthermore, Roshan has worked as a peer mentor to help alleviate anxiety that incoming students held in transitioning to college.

Roshan currently works as a researcher at the Emotion Regulation Lab, investigating the relationship between ethnicity and anxiety. In the future, Roshan will be applying to medical school after taking two gap years in which she will continue with her research. Recently accepted as an American Pakistani Foundation fellow, Roshan will also be traveling to Pakistan during her gap years to provide much needed healthcare and educational resources to underserved communities.

Anthony Astarita

Anthony Astarita is a computer science major and innovator​. Anthony is constantly looking for ways technology can solve communication problems. Whether it is his work via Stevens Institute of Technology’s competition where he created software with “Alexa” attributes designed to assist cancer patients with questions, or his research projects at Weill Cornell Medical Center, or the creation of a language translator that converts any language to English. Anthony is always finding new use to use technology to do good works in the daily lives of people. Perhaps most impressively he worked with a team of CSI honors students to create a cloud based AI solution targeted at reducing veteran suicide. Anthony was a Macaulay Junior mentor and he was always available to help out at an open house or an admitted student event. Anthony is currently working at BPL Energy Lab, but is looking into opportunities in Backend developing or Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Julia Muallem

Julia Muallem is a double major in Psychology and ABC (Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry), graduating with honors on the pre-med track. She is an active member of the Macaulay student body. Julia served as her campus’ representative on the Scholars Council on the Community Service Committee for two years. Besides co-launching the Macaulay Green Initiative, Julia served as co-president of Macaulay Splash! and the Macaulay Feminist Society. From 2017 to 2018, Julia was a research associate at NYU Langone, conducting clinical research in the Emergency Department. Similarly, Julia participated in the Summer Undergraduate Mentorship Program at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 2018. Last summer, she conducted research in the Brookhaven National Laboratory in the Neutrino and Nuclear Chemistry lab of Dr. Yeh. Recently, Julia has been nominated to Sigma Xi for her research investigating the correlation between depression and cognitive impairment in the elderly, as part of Dr. Guerrero-Berroa’s lab at Lehman College. Following a gap year, Julia intends to apply to medical school.

Kiriaki Giannoulas

Kiriaki Giannoulas majored in Accounting and minored in Honors Interdisciplinary NYC Studies. Currently, she works as a part-time tax staff at Presti & Naegele, where she started in 2016 as an intern. Kiriaki joined the Macaulay Business Club (MBC) as freshman in 2016. She led the club as President of the Baruch Chapter in 2017 and the Executive President in 2018.

She was also a First Year Seminar Leader of the MHC Baruch Honors Class of 2022, where she had the privilege of guiding first year students through their first semester of college. During her last semester of undergraduate studies, she joined the MHC Career Development Advisory Council, where she has the opportunity to provide MHC with a student’s perspective on the resources business students need when preparing for their careers.

Post graduation, she will continue her education in accountancy at the Baruch Masters in Accountancy program and plans on taking the CPA exam. Kiriaki looks forward to attending future MBC events and remaining an active member of the MHC Career Development Advisory Council.

Melissa Chan

Melissa Chan is a Computer Science and Information Security graduate, who will be a Security Analyst at Accenture in Fall 2020. During her four years, she interned at Verizon, Cisco, Two Sigma, and the Department of Homeland Security to understand today’s security landscape. In Fall 2019, she studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland, where she was given the opportunity to intern at two companies to learn about GDPR and Europe’s cybersecurity practices.

In 2018, she co-founded a Women in Technology club on campus to create a supportive and diverse computer science community. She worked closely with professors and professionals to bring various events and opportunities to all students. She was also a recipient of the Women in Technology and Entrepreneurship of New York Scholarship, as well as Rewriting the Code Fellowship. In Spring 2020, her paper on using machine learning to detect malicious websites was published in her college’s journal, John Jay’s Finest, and she continued that research for her honors capstone. In the future, Melissa plans to pursue her master’s degree in cybersecurity.


Krystle Salvati

Krystle Salvati is a Law & Society major. Currently, she is an Academic Advisor at John Jay College. Krystle helped found John Jay’s Leading Womxn of Tomorrow Chapter and served as the club’s secretary. She also served as the Editor and Vice President for Humans of Macaulay. Krystle also participated in John Jay’s Pinkerton Fellowship, which allowed her to focus on youth justice. Outside of academics, Krystle has interned for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, the Bronx Family Court, Citizens Union, and The Legal Aid Society. In Fall 2020, Krystle will begin law school at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School.