Annmarie Gajdos

Annmarie Gajdos is graduating as Baruch College’s 2020 Valedictorian with a major in Computer Information Systems, a concentration in Music Management, and double minors in Business Law and NYC Studies. She volunteered abroad extensively, spending time in the Galápagos Islands, Israel, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and the Republic of Georgia. She currently holds several roles on campus, such as the Chair of Graphics for Baruch Student Government and the President of the Baruch Pre-Law Society, while serving as a Senior Campus Ambassador for WiTNY at Cornell Tech and the National Internal Communications Manager for AIESEC United States.

In Spring 2019, Annmarie was granted a Mayoral Service Award for completing more than 1,000 service hours for the year. She is a William R. Kenan Scholar, a Max-Berger Pre-Law fellow, and a Dr. Wendy Heyman Public Interest fellow. She is also the recipient of a 2020 Critical Language Scholarship for Swahili. Annmarie intends to pursue a career as an international human rights lawyer, in addition to working as a legal consultant in the music industry.