Anton Kryrylenko

Anton Kyrylenko '21 (Lehman)

Anton Kyrylenko ’21 is a Physics and Chemistry double major.  He started in a computational chemistry lab at Lehman College with Prof. Lopez. The research project was published to the Journal of Physical Chemistry on April 1st, 2021, titled as: “Design of Biomimetic Proton Wires Based on Helical Peptides: A Quantum Mechanical Study”. Anton was also an organic chemistry TA for Prof. Burton-Pye.

Anton took part of a physics research project on high energy cosmic rays at Lehman College with Prof. Anchordoqui as well. The work involved a semi-analytical model to predict the behavior of the high energy particles upon entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. The project’s results were presented at the Lehman College 2020 Student Scholarship Showcase. Anton was awarded the 2020 Con-Edison Scholarship. He also took part of the CSURP 2020 at the ASRC. He worked with Dr. Alù on Drexhage’s Experiment for Sound and its applications to Acoustic Metamaterials.

Anton will continue his educational journey in photonics and metamaterials at the CUNY Physics PhD program starting in the Fall of 2021.