Ashley Mei Torrenti

Ashley-Mei Torrenti is an International Marketing major, with a Law Minor and an Interdisciplinary Minor with Honors in NYC Studies. She plans on extending her graduation to pursue a Pre-Veterinarian track and continues to volunteer at Peace River Wildlife Center.

Since joining the Macaulay family, Ashley-Mei has served in several leadership positions, including the executive board for Macaulay Business Club and the Macaulay Marauders Quidditch Team. For the past three years, Ashley-Mei has served as the President of the Marauders and will be continuing her time as the newly elected coach! In 2018 she served as an Honors Ambassador for Baruch College and became a Peer Mentor in the Fall of 2019. She is known for her passion for spearheading several fundraising events for Macaulay and her clubs. While an undergraduate student, she has studied abroad twice, studying antiquities in Florence, Italy (Winter 2019) and brushing up on her Spanish in Santander, Spain (Summer 2019). This winter, she worked as an intern for Clean All, LLC for which she was awarded the Gala Scholars Award.