Julia Muallem

Julia Muallem is a double major in Psychology and ABC (Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry), graduating with honors on the pre-med track. She is an active member of the Macaulay student body. Julia served as her campus’ representative on the Scholars Council on the Community Service Committee for two years. Besides co-launching the Macaulay Green Initiative, Julia served as co-president of Macaulay Splash! and the Macaulay Feminist Society. From 2017 to 2018, Julia was a research associate at NYU Langone, conducting clinical research in the Emergency Department. Similarly, Julia participated in the Summer Undergraduate Mentorship Program at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 2018. Last summer, she conducted research in the Brookhaven National Laboratory in the Neutrino and Nuclear Chemistry lab of Dr. Yeh. Recently, Julia has been nominated to Sigma Xi for her research investigating the correlation between depression and cognitive impairment in the elderly, as part of Dr. Guerrero-Berroa’s lab at Lehman College. Following a gap year, Julia intends to apply to medical school.