Leslie Epps

Leslie Epps '21 (City)

Leslie Epps ’21 is an accomplished Architecture major at the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture. Awarded NOMA Student Member of the Year 2019, Leslie Epps founded the CCNY NOMAS Chapter in 2018 and served as President until early 2020. Epps also received the title of NOMA Student Representative and serves on the NOMA Board of Directors for the role. She has also been a Macaulay Student Ambassador since 2017, and has been Co-President since 2019. Epps has also been the recipient of numerous scholarships and awards including the AIA Diversity Advancement Scholarship, Academic Excellence in Core Award, and Dean’s List.

Leslie Epps has been passionate about architecture for half of her life and is eager to learn more and enact change moving forward in her career. She envisions her role in architecture as one of service and aims to work towards her hopes for the profession by working with untapped communities. In the future she aspires to combine architecture with urban planning in an effort to address social issues and ultimately better society.