Marissa Ogé-Graville

Marissa Oge-Graville '21 (Queens)

Marissa Ogé-Graville ’21 is a Queer Black woman. She is majoring in Media Studies, and she’s minoring in the Business & Liberal Arts (BALA) honors program. After graduation, she’ll be attending the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema to earn an MFA in Cinema Arts with a specialization in Cinematography. After graduate school, she hopes to earn her Ph.D. in Film Studies and be an active professional in the media & entertainment industry.

Marissa has dedicated time to create a stronger and more diverse community for Macaulay students at Queens College. She has been an active member of the Queens College Planning Committee, a student-run event planning club where MHC students at QC work together to plan events for each other. She continuously volunteers at open houses, information sessions, and diversity initiatives to support incoming and current students. Marissa has participated in diversity recruitment initiatives that recruit high-achieving high school students to Macaulay Honors College at Queens College. She has also worked with MHC on issues related to DEI and LGBTQ.