Olivia A. Asher

Olivia A. Asher '21 (Lehman)

Olivia A. Asher ’21 is a Biology major at Lehman College. While pursuing her Bachelor’s degree, she conducted original research on fungi and lichens at the New York Botanical Garden, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Victoria, Australia, and the University of Georgia. Her research has resulted in five academic papers, three published, one in review, and one in prep. Olivia received multiple awards to support her research, including the Torrey Botanical Society’s Undergraduate Student Research Fellowship, the Mycological Society of America’s Undergraduate Research Award, and Con Edison Incorporated’s Con Edison Endowed Scholarship. Olivia is also part of the Research Initiative in Scientific Enhancement (RISE) program at Lehman College.

After graduating in the Spring of 2021, Olivia will be pursuing a PhD in bioinformatics through the Integrated Plant Sciences Program at the University of Georgia. She received the Presidential Fellowship from the University of Georgia and the United States Department of Energy’s Computational Science Graduate Fellowship to support her graduate work.