Roshan Chudhry

Roshan Chudhry is a clinical psychology major and a biology minor who has aimed to emphasize the importance of mental health throughout her college career. Working as a peer health educator, she taught ninth grade students about mental health issues and provided resources they could utilize throughout the city. She also sought to expand mental health education in the CUNY community by facilitating mental health first aid trainings as president of the Macaulay Psychology Club. Furthermore, Roshan has worked as a peer mentor to help alleviate anxiety that incoming students held in transitioning to college.

Roshan currently works as a researcher at the Emotion Regulation Lab, investigating the relationship between ethnicity and anxiety. In the future, Roshan will be applying to medical school after taking two gap years in which she will continue with her research. Recently accepted as an American Pakistani Foundation fellow, Roshan will also be traveling to Pakistan during her gap years to provide much needed healthcare and educational resources to underserved communities.