Tasmim Hoque

Tasmim Hoque '21 (Lehman)

Tasmim Hoque is an Interdepartmental Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry aka the “ABC” major with a Health Education and Promotion minor. As a science enthusiast with a great love for learning about different human cultures, Tasmim knew the ABC major would be a perfect fit for her. To explore her research interest, as a freshman Tasmim began searching for research faculty at Lehman who could mentor her and joined the Redenti Lab where she works on stem cell-based treatments for blindness. Along with working in the lab, Tasmim also has a passion for teaching. When she discovered the Peer Health Exchange (PHE) program at Hunter, she reached out to NYC’s PHE director to establish a chapter at Lehman so she and her peers can also have the opportunity to teach health education to students in under-resourced high schools. Her time as a health educator and clinical volunteer to serve New York’s most vulnerable communities has solidified her decision to work in the medical field so she can have a larger platform to continue serving others.