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About Us

So you've been wondering who compiled this AMAZING website, have you?

Well, you're in luck! You've somehow stumbled across this amazingly hard to find speck of a page.


Who Compiled this Website?

We did. The Macaulay Honors College Class of 2012, at THE City College of New York (CCNY). Under the expert tutelage of Professor Haslip-Viera, and Tech-Fellow Mr.Caruso, we assembled this pantheon of resources on the neighborhood of Morningside Heights. We divided ourselves into groups and tackled each aspect of the neighborhood: Economics/Gentrification/Crime, History/Politics, Culture, and Public Services.

Why Was this Website Compiled?

Why Not? Our class, Honors Seminar 2: Peopling of New York (yes people is a verb now, can you believe it?! ex: I people, you people, they people, we peopled...) selected this neighborhood because of its close proximity to CCNY, and its amazing display of gentrification and mobility. As an exercise in immigration studies, we analyzed various aspects of the neighborhood as a direct result of the immigrant composition of its inhabitants. And, we have to tell you: this CERTAINLY beat those boring... I mean enlightening books we were reading...

What is the Point of this Website?

Glad you asked. The truth is, there is NO POINT. Well, not really. Just kidding. This website serves as a resource for anyone seeking information on the Morningside Heights neighborhood; One can find anything from cultural landmarks, to socioeconomic gentrification and politics to food and public service. Anyone searching for such information as we have found, should find this an enjoyable oasis in the midst of other drab and boring websites on the same subject matter. The open-platform nature of the wiki though, will likely render this website a breeding ground for what one may call non gentrified vernacular in the coming months. But, that remains to be seen. A more logical explanation for this website's existence is that it was our final project. What honors students would we be, if we didn't A++ our final? Not Honors students, thats right.

Special Thanks

Some Special thanks are definitely in order, and they go to (in no particular order): Professor Haslip Viera, Professor Chris Caruso, Angela Farooqi (for her dictatorship), and For their tech work: Mohammad Rattu, Antonio Jou, Gerardo Sevilla, Ishmam Ibtida, and OF COURSE, the entire class for their amazing work on this amazing website (thats amazing)!!