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Flushing Demographics

From The Peopling of New York City



Flushing Population

As of the 2000 Census, Flushing’s total population is about 8 % of Queens County, approximately 176,257 inhabitants. Comparing the demographics of Flushing with those overall demographics of New York City portrays quiet a lot of the characteristics of Flushing. There has been a 13.5% population increase from 1990, compared to the 9.4% increase citywide.

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Immigrant Population

Compared to the citywide immigrant population of 35.9%, approximately 58.5% of Flushing’s population is an immigrant population, with immigrants from China, Korea, India, Colombia, El Salvador, Pakistan, Greece, Ecuador, Russia. Most of the immigrants that make up this population immigrated after 1995, with the current largest immigrant population being the Asian population, making up 44% of the population. The largest Asian community is the Chinese community, which has surpassed the Chinatown of Manhattan. Both China and Korea account for 46% of the immigrant population. The next largest community is the White population, and then the Hispanic population. The number of languages spoken is as diverse as the number of immigrant groups. Today the most spoken language, other than English, is Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Hindi, Urdu, Russian and various other European languages. Only 28.4% of the Flushing population speaks only English, and among the Non-English speakers, 37% speak an Asian language, while 17.2% speak a Spanish language.

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Family Household and Education

In terms of family life, married couples make up 60.4% of the households in Flushing, compared to the low 37.2% citywide, and while number of married households has declined drastically during the 1990s, the decline has been much smaller in Flushing. In terms of education, the Flushing population is highly educated, with 74.5% of the population, above the age of twenty-five, having a high school diploma and 27.7% having at least a bachelors degree.

Household and Education

Married households 60.4%
Families with Children 27.4%
Single 39.6%
High School Diploma 74.5%
Bachelor’s Degree or higher 27.7%


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