Tuesdays & Fridays 2:10-3:25 in 610 HW


Food Blog

Day 1
Special K cereal- 3 g
Cranberry Chicken wrap 19 g
Pasta with chicken- 22 g
Apple- 1 g
Total: 45 g
Day 2
Cherios multi- grain cereal-  3 g
1 slice pizza- 14g
Pasta with meat sauce- 18 g
Apple- 1g
Orange juice- 2 g
Total: 38 g
Day 3
Fiber One Caramel Clusters Cereal- 4.5 g
Apple- 1g
Luna bar -10 g
Subways sweet onion chicken teriyaki- 6”- 13 g
Baked ziti- 29 g
Orange juice-2 g
Total: 59.5
According to my food journal, I consume an average of  47.5 g of protein a day. I think that this is enough for me and may even be too much sometimes, such as the day where I consumed nearly 60 g of protein. It surprised me how much protein was in things that I was not expecting, such as the pizza

Central Park Zoo

I thought that going to the zoo in the winter would be a bit crazy, but it was actually kind of fun. I took my friend’s daughter with me, and her being 4 years old, had never been to a zoo before, so it was fun to see her reactions to all of the different animals. The image that is the most engraved in my mind would definitely be the snow monkey. There was one that looked like it wanted to kill something…I guess he woke up on the wrong side of the tree that morning. I didn’t take offense though, it was understandable considering the environment. The snow monkey is part of a program put in place to maintain healthy populations because their population has been in danger recently.
We saw the feeding of the sea lions and I got really excited. I haven’t seen anything like this since I was maybe around 12. They looked so big and awkward, but they were awesome. I was partially biased though because it reminded me that I was going to the Galapagos in the winter and would get up close and personal with them eventually. The pool had glass walls, so you could see them swim in the water, and it was amazing how these animals that I thought were awkward were suddenly not awkward in the water.
I did not expect there to be that many people, but surprisingly, there were a lot of people, maybe because it was close to the holidays. I thought it was really cool how there was information about the conservation of the animals available and that there are programs that work on maintaining populations around the country and the world.  There was a program that talked about how recycling and green living would help save amphibians…which I thought was really interesting. It made me wonder if the decline in populations was a natural decline, or if it was cause by human industrialization or changes in the environment.

Every year I go to the Bronx zoo the day after Thanks Giving for the “Annual Nighttime Holiday Event” in which there are usually Christmas lights in the form of various animals, which I find highly enjoyable.  When I attended the Bronx Zoo on the day after this past Thanks Giving there was no holiday lights!  The nighttime holiday event is now being called the daytime extravaganza.  The Bronx Zoo has ended the holiday light tradition as part of an effort with the Wildlife Conservation Society to decrease their energy output.

The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Green Team’s goal is to measure and limit greenhouse gas emissions.  The Green Team said that the Bronx Zoo will significantly reduce its carbon output by moving the holiday event to daytime hours.  The electricity saved amounts to approximately sixty-six metric tons of carbon emissions.  Sixty-six metric tones of carbon emissions is equal to the annual emissions from an average three-person household within the United States.  I respect the zoo’s efforts to go green but I miss the lights and they also now charge extra for Congo, which resulted in a upsetting trip to the zoo for me.

Food Blog

The past three days I ate…


Bagel with cream cheese: 5 g. Protein

cheeseburger with cheddar cheese and fries: 23 g. protein

two large cups of coffee w/ milk: 6 g. protein

chicken sandwich with cheddar cheese: 26 g. protein

total protein for the day: 61 g. of Protein


two plain bagels: 10 g. protein

One large cup of coffee: 3 g. protein

3 mini brownies: 6 g. protein

Pad see yu w/ chicken: 20 g. potein

total protein for the day: 39 g. protein


chicken sandwich with pesto spread and cheese: 16 g. protein

Soft serve ice cream: 7 g. protein

duck with rice: 16 g. protein

bread pudding: 6 g. protein

total protein for the day: 44 g. protein

Overall, I would say I eat enough protein to sustain me.  I figured out that I should get about 54 g. of protein a day and since on the first day I had well over that amount of protein in my body, the fact that on the next two days I did not is alright.  I should have definitely gotten more protein on the second day.  I almost always have some sort of meat everyday so I am not really worried about protein at this time.  I think I am doing fine in the department of protein :-)

Abstract for Paper


 The Changes of Hog Farming and its Effects on

 the Environment and Human Health

            For my research paper, as you may know, I am interested in the relationship between the history of hog farming and its effects on human health and our natural environment.  With industrial advances made in the past twenty years, hog farming techniques and operations have drastically changed. My claim is that due to industrial boom and new farming techniques in the past century, society has negatively been efftected.  From traditional one- farmer farm to a single farm- house with thousand more hogs, new hog farming began to effect society in several aspects such as: human health and the environment.  With an increase in machinery and number of hogs per farms, towns situated relatively close to farm factories began complaining about the harmful gases and waste being released.  I have collected several newspaper articles, specifically from the New York Times, of family farms being affected by foul air of large farms.  Many suffer from neurological damage as a result of hydrogen sulfide poisoning from these industrial farms.  These neurological damages can then possibly lead to harmful diseases. 

            Many farms, as mentioned, release several pounds of hog waste a day.  These gases, such as methane gas, can hurt the environment as well.  Methane gas is a greenhouse gas, it aids in the depletion of the ozone layer and the greenhouse effect, that can be detrimental to the world. Also I am still in the middle of researching I plan to find journals that discuss how waste enters the water and contaminates it.

            I haven’t found a case study yet, but I plan on researching one that relates to either one of these effects to attempt to prove my claim correct.  I understand that demand for meat is just going to increase; however, we should not be ignorant and simply view one aspect, demand and money.  Answering this question will help to solve the problem of bacterial infections or ill- related consequences to human health appertaining to hog farming, as well as, pollution in the environment.  I hope to research ways that can decrease the gases and wasted released in the atmosphere. I believe this research will be important to many family’s affected from these industrial farms and also maybe find a way to be more conservative.

By: Anjelique Restrepo

My food journal

The past three days I have realized I don’t consume enough protein.  I sort of already knew that and tried to ignore it, but this assignment made me realize something really needs to change.  Being a swimmer I’m constantly eating pasta or rice, carbohydrates, but I guess a little more protein won’t hurt.  My journal is pretty weird.  I mix really random things together, but its all food to me, and survival is key to a college student. As you can see, my protein consumption increased within the three days, so I’m already making a change. YAY Enjoy making fun of me =)


peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a cup of milk= 10g+ 8.13g= 18.13g

-peanut butter 6g

- strawberry jam 0g

- two pieces of bread- 4g
2 grilled cheese sandwich 3g x 2= 6g 
guava juice= 0g
pasta w/ sauce 7g + 2g = 9g 
2 cups of milk= 16.26g
TOTAL 49.39g

tuna fish sandwich= 15g
3 cups of milk= 24.39g
two scrambled eggs = 14g
guava juice= 0g
Oreo cookies(5)= 5g
Pasta with corn = 7g + 2g= 9g
TOTAL= 67.39g
subway sandwich, sweet onion chicken teriyaki 12″= 52g
ice tea= 0g
2 chocolate chip cookies 2g x 2= 4g
2 cups of milk= 16.26g
cup of peaches= 2g
2 pieces of deep fried chicken= 34g
beans= 5g
rice= 5g
TOTAL= 118.26g


Alair’s Food Journal (in grams of protein)

Sunday (127.5g)


Coffee: 0g, Skittles: 0g


Chicken breast: 50g, String Beans: 2g, Rice: 2.5g


¼ Cheeseburger: 10g, 10 Chicken wings: 60g, ½ serving French fries: 3g

Monday (108.5g)


Coffee: 0g, Cottage cheese: 11g


2 chicken tortillas w/ guacamole: 43g, 1 yogurt: 6g


2 pork chops: 44g, ½ cup rice: 2.5g, Spinach: 2g

Tuesday (73g)


Coffee (2x)


2 chicken tortillas w/ guacamole: 43g


Miso soup: 2g, Yogurt: 6g, Pretzel chips: 6g, Almond butter: 8g


Sushi roll: 8g

Added up this seems like a lot of protein, I think I may have calculated some of the amounts of protein on non-packaged items wrong :(

Food Journal


Breakfast: grapefruit (1 g), cucumber & mozzarella sandwich (14 g)

Lunch: tuna sandwich (20 g), Carrot sticks (3 g), 3 kit-kat bars (3 g)

Dinner: eggplant and broccoli with white rice (11 g), carrot sticks (2 g), Sun chips (2 g)

Total: 56 g

Breakfast: 2 kit-kat bars (2 g), 3 slices of mozzarella (16 g), 2 pieces of “super seed” bread with butter (6 g)

Lunch: tuna sandwich (20 g), 2 apples (0 g), 1 banana (1 g)

Dinner: whole grain pasta with mushrooms and tomato sauce (23 g), 3 kit-kat bars (2 g), a bag of popcorn (11 g)

Total: 81 g

No breakfast

Lunch: 2 apples (0 g), salad - lettuce, cucumber, yellow pepper, cheddar cheese (8 g), 2 kit-kat bars (2 g), a bag of potato chips (5 g)

Dinner: 10 homemade dumplings - potatoes and farmer’s cheese (28 g), 2 bananas  (2 g)

Total: 45 g

It seems that I am not getting enough protein.

Jessi’s mini food journal.

I am usually a very healthy vegetarian, but sometimes schedules and stress (gotta love this time of the semester) lead me down a path of not so great eating habits, which usually means a complete lack of protein.

Handful of raw almonds and dried cranberries
One Large Coffee with milk
Chocolate Croissant
Small Salad w/ Ceasar Dressing
Half a container of French fries
Vegetable fried dumplings
Half of a small order of vegetable lo mein
12 grams of Protein from: raw almonds: 10 grams protein; milk: 2 grams; vegetables: ?

2 medium coffees with milk and a little sugar.
Half a corn muffin (didn’t finish it, it tasted like bananas-EW)
One Spicy Tofu Empanada from World Cup
-Tofu, peppers, onions, spicy
One piece of Zucchini bread
One chai latte made with milk
-first homemade meal of the day!
-1/2 of a red pepper, ¼ of a large eggplant, tofu- sautéed with olive oil and spices served with a dollop of hummus and a warm piece of pita bread. Yum!
26 grams of Protein from: Empanada: roughly 9 grams; milk: 8 grams; dinner: roughly 10 grams

Veggi Chili Empanada
-Vegetable protein, kidney beans, peppers, onions, in white flour based dough
1 chocolate chip cookie
One handful of mixed roasted nuts
Soul food dinner/retirement party (I had very small servings of each of these items, just to taste):
-Roasted Green beans and carrots
-Candied Yams
-Collard Greens (without ham, I was surprised!)
-Corn Bread
-Homemade Mac n’ Cheese

27 grams of Protein from: Empanada: roughly 15 grams; nuts: 10 grams; vegetables: ?; milk: 2 grams
As a vegetarian, I usually get most of my protein through vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, and nuts. During these three days much of my protein came from milk in my drinks, nuts, and vegetables.

Gennadiy’s “Meat-lover’s diet”


In the morning I ate a big piece of store bought stuffed cabbage. The piece weighed 272 grams with 17 grams of protein. For those who don’t know what a stuffed cabbage is, its a piece of ground beef stuffed with rice, wrapped around a cabbage leaf and boiled. Most of this cabbage was fat and carbohydrates, accounting for the low protein percentage.

For lunch I consumed 4 chicken cutlets, each of with a mass of 85 grams. This yielded a total of 340 grams of protein. I ate this with some buckwheat( I would say 300 grams).

Finally, I skipped dinner and had a glass of milk in the evening, yields a total of 9 grams of protein.

Total protein count for Thursday: 366 grams.


In the morning just before class, I bought a bacon egg and cheese sandwich, which i estimate to have about 17 grams of protein. Although meat is composed of primary protein and saturated fat, I was unable to calculate the amount of fat in this meal although I give a reason measure of protein.

For Lunch I consumed 3 chicken cutlets that my mother prepared for me to take to school. Each chicken cutlet is approximately 85 grams, yields a total of 255 grams of protein. Since the chicken breast composing the chicken cutlets is primary lean meat, I would assume I consumed about 240 grams of protein for this meal. I ate this with 3 slices of bread.

Finally, for dinner I ate 2.5 lamb chops, each one being about 85 grams. Thus I consumed about 195.5 of lamb and subtracting the fat( little was left anyway since my father trimmed most of it of) about 170 grams of protein. I also had a little salad and 200 grams of pasta.

Protein total count for Friday: 452.5 grams


Since I was home this day, my parents cooked me a sumptuous breakfast consisting of 3 eggs, half a bagel and a cup of orange juice. Since each egg has approximately 8 grams of protein, I consumed about 24 grams of protein for this meal.

For late lunch (5pm) my mother prepared me “Ukrainian-style” beef burgers. Each one was about 120 grams and I consumed 3 yielding a total of 360 grams. Subtracting fat I estimate about 280 grams of protein. In addition to this i consumed 2 baked chicken thighs. Each one was 57 grams and two yields a total of 114 grams. Again, subtracting the fat yielded about 80 grams of protein.

Finally in the evening(9pm) I ate about 250 grams of pasta.

Total protein count for Saturday: 384 grams

As one can see, I consume a lot of protein daily. I also consume a lot of carbohydrates. Since I’m an athlete and I weight train, I need to consume more protein and carbohydrates daily than the average person. I’ve also noticed a trend in my protein (meat sources). I eat a lot of chicken all three days I’ve eaten chicken, whether it was white meat in the form of chicken cutlets or dark meat in the form of chicken thighs. I also consume red meat such as beef and lamb. I occasionally eat pork but only in the form of bacon. One thing that this meat journal thought me is that I eat a lot more meat than I expected, also I need to eat more fruits and vegetables, I rarely eat that. Out of three days my only source of fruits and vegetables was a little juice and some salad as a side dish. In fact, now that I think about it, I eat salad once every three days, not too good. My total protein consumption over the three day period was 1202.5 grams!!!