The Macaulay College Council 

The Macaulay College Council is an important part of our governance structure (PDF of the Governance Document). Due to the consortial structure of Macaulay, faculty eligibility to vote and serve on the College Council will vary year to year. The Dean serves as the chairperson of the College Council and presides over its meetings.

The College Council includes:

  • The Dean
  • The Associate Deans
  • 15 faculty members, 10 of whom are elected annually by the faculty, and 5 of whom are appointed by the Dean
  • 4 students, one elected annually by and from each undergraduate class of Macaulay Honors College
  • College Council meetings are open to the public in accordance with New York State’s Open Meetings Law.


Ex Officio
Dara Byrne (Dean-Chair of the Council)
Roblin Meeks (Senior Associate Dean)

Members Elected by the Faculty and Appointed by the Dean (15 + 1 Alternate)
Karen Shelby, Baruch
Susan Tenneriello, Baruch
Douglas Cohen, Brooklyn
Betina Zolkower, Brooklyn
Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson, CSI
Mike Owen Benediktsson, Hunter
Sylvia Tomasch, Hunter
Owen Gutfreund, Hunter
Lynda Klich, Hunter
Richard Ocejo, John Jay
Ira Bloom, Lehman
Carmen Boullosa, Macaulay Central (alternate)
Logan McBride, Macaulay Central
Lavelle Porter, Macaulay Central
Elizabeth Reis, Macaulay Central
Kara Murphy Schlichting, Queens

Student members elected by the Students (4 + 3 alternates)
Zobia Jamal ’23
Fawziyah Shamim ’24
Yassir Azzam ’26
Ilyanna Garcia ’26

Suha Chaudhury ’23

NOTE–All College Council Committee Meetings are open to the public under the Open Meetings Law.  All members of the Macaulay community are welcome to attend and participate.  Only College Council members may vote.

Standing Committees

Curriculum Committee Members and Guests: Elizabeth Reis (Chair), Lisa Brundage, Douglas Cohen, Owen Gutfreund, Logan McBride, Kelly O’Donnell, Richard Ocejo, Tasneea Oishee, Karen Shelby, Joseph Ugoretz, Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson

Appointments Committee Members and Guests: Elizabeth Reis, Jolie Huang, David Khaimov,

Admissions Committee Members and Guests: Richard Ocejo, Lavelle Porter, Karen Shelby, Jolie Huang

Ad hoc Committees

Governance and Elections Committee Members and Guests: Joseph Ugoretz, Ira Bloom, Lisa Brundage, Owen Gutfreund, David Khaimov, Lynda Klich, Logan McBride, Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson

If you have questions about the College Council, please contact

Amanda Hick
Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer

Macaulay Honors College
(212) 729-2945(212) 729-2945
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