Advising and Support

Every student is partnered with an advisor when they are admitted to Macaulay, and meets that person before classes even start. They also receive other, personalized professional guidance.

Macaulay Advisors on Campus

There are Macaulay advisors on every one of our eight CUNY campuses. Each one supports the unique needs of high achieving students with academic issues, campus life, and professional goals.

Student Well-being

Emotional wellbeing is necessary for an individual’s peak performance, both as students and as leaders.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resource Hub

We have curated a list of resources to help you expand your knowledge, get engaged with the community, and support you as a member of our community.

Macaulay Mentors Program 2022 Fall Event

Macaulay Mentors Program

To help students in their chosen academic concentration and professional aspirations, Macaulay fosters mentoring relationships between students and alumni.

Writing Assistance

Macaulay students are set to a high standard of verbal and written communication. The college offers specially-trained writing support to assist high-achieving students.

Priority Registration

The vast majority of Macaulay students graduate on time. Why? Personalized advising by experienced CUNY insiders who help students schedule courses that meet the requirements of their chosen concentration.

Pre-Health Resources

Learn more about pre-health resources, opportunities in the field, and the medical school application process.

Teaching and Learning Collaboratory

Macaulay staffs all of its classes with Instructional Technology Fellows to help students implement and present ideas using tech solutions.