Macaulay Majors

Macaulay scholars have graduated with degrees in over 450 different areas of concentration. Our students officially declare their major through their CUNY home campus. Use the table and search fields below to browse through our academic program offerings across 8 CUNY Campuses.

Some students craft their own individualized area of study through the CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies program. Learn more.

590 Baruch College Accountancy BBA
591 Baruch College Actuarial Science BA
592 Baruch College Biological Sciences BA
593 Baruch College Business Communications BA
594 Baruch College Communication Studies BA
595 Baruch College Computer Information Systems BBA
596 Baruch College CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies BA
597 Baruch College CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies BS
598 Baruch College Economics BA
599 Baruch College Economics BBA
600 Baruch College English BA
601 Baruch College Entrepreneurship BBA
602 Baruch College Finance BBA
603 Baruch College Financial Mathematics BS
604 Baruch College History BA
605 Baruch College Industrial and Organizational Psychology BBA
606 Baruch College International Business BBA
607 Baruch College Journalism BA
608 Baruch College Liberal Arts BA
609 Baruch College Management BBA
610 Baruch College Marketing Management BBA
611 Baruch College Mathematics BA
612 Baruch College Music BA
613 Baruch College Philosophy BA
614 Baruch College Political Science BA
615 Baruch College Psychology BA
616 Baruch College Public Affairs BS
617 Baruch College Real Estate BBA
618 Baruch College Sociology BA
619 Baruch College Spanish BA
620 Baruch College Statistics BA
621 Baruch College Statistics and Quantitative Modeling BBA
622 Brooklyn College Accounting BBA
623 Brooklyn College Accounting Certificate Certificate
624 Brooklyn College Actuarial Mathematics BS
625 Brooklyn College Africana Studies BA
626 Brooklyn College American Studies BA
627 Brooklyn College Anthropology BA
628 Brooklyn College Art BA
629 Brooklyn College Art BFA
630 Brooklyn College Art History BA
631 Brooklyn College Biology BA
632 Brooklyn College Biology BS
633 Brooklyn College Biology Teacher BA
634 Brooklyn College Business Administration BBA
635 Brooklyn College Business Management BS
636 Brooklyn College Caribbean Studies (Dual Major) BA
637 Brooklyn College Chemistry BA
638 Brooklyn College Chemistry BS
639 Brooklyn College Chemistry Teacher BA

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Macaulay Honors students receive a uniquely broad, interdisciplinary undergraduate experience that’s customized for their interests and abilities. They earn a degree conferred jointly by Macaulay and their home campus.

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Macaulay Honors College takes a holistic approach to enrollment, admitting students based on a combination of academic and personal factors.