Macaulay Honors College transforms high-achieving students into future leaders. They win top awards, attend prestigious graduate schools, and land jobs with innovative companies. We are thrilled you have included Macaulay in your college search.



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Admissions Facts


Macaulay offers exceptional students the financial and academic support to realize their leadership potential.

Learn more about our Opportunities Fund, personalized advising and the tuition scholarship.

Admissions Requirements

Like Macaulay Honors College itself, the application process is a bit unique. We recommend this quick introduction to get you started.

One Application, 8 CUNY Campus Choices

One Application, 8 CUNY Campus Choices

Because Macaulay students all enroll in one of eight CUNY senior colleges, applicants create a single CUNY application with their campus selections.

Tuition and Merit Scholarship Package

Macaulay offers all of its students a merit scholarship package that includes tuition. Learn more about eligibility for this Macaulay benefit.

Honors College in New York City

For Guidance Counselors

Let us help you share information about Macaulay with your qualified high school students.

Applying to Macaulay

An application checklist, things you’ll need, and special instruction for Macaulay applicants.

International Students

Macaulay Honors College welcomes applicants from New York, the US and around the world and offers them most of the same benefits that US-based students receive. International students who are admitted to Macaulay receive free laptop and the Opportunities Fund for global research, service, and internships.

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