Macaulay Seminars

Macaulay Honors College students come together for special classroom experiences including four 3-credit seminar courses that they take over the course of their first and second years at Macaulay.

These required–yet beloved–seminars are unique to Macaulay. They feature primary research, classroom learning and hands-on experiences that use New York City as a teaching tool. Students acquire a rich understanding of the natural, social, economic and cultural forces that move our world.

Arts in New York City

In this fall seminar, first year students are immersed in the arts of New York City. 

People of New York City

In this spring seminar, first year students investigate the role of immigration and migration in shaping New York City’s identity, past, present, and future.

Science Forward

In this fall seminar, second year students will focus on scientific thinking in the context of a variety of different fields of study.

Shaping the Future of New York City

In this spring seminar, second year students will analyze the ongoing interplay of social, economic, and political forces that shape the physical form and social dynamics of New York City.