Science Forward

This seminar course focuses on scientific thinking in the context of a variety of different fields of study.

Students will develop the skills that allow one to have good science sense, such as being able to distinguish science from non-science and to understand how people collect and process facts into knowledge. Critical thinking and communication are important student outcomes of Science Forward. Being able to question and evaluate information that is presented as scientific results in being an informed consumer, credible evaluator, and practitioner of science.

The course features an unusual activity: a BioBlitz in which students work with renowned scientists to observe and track the organisms in one of New York City’s parks over a 24-hour period.


BioBlitz provides every Macaulay sophomore with an opportunity to collaborate with world renowned scientists in a 24-hour hands-on event designed to thoroughly measure and catalog the biodiversity of a selected New York city park or ecosystem.

STEAM Festival

The STEAM Festival celebrates critical inquiry in the arts and sciences, with informal presentations tied to final semester projects for Arts in New York City (first year students), and Science Forward (sophomores)