Student Government

The Macaulay Scholars Council’s mission is to promote an informed and involved Macaulay student body, and to build cross-campus community through various activities, events  and initiatives.

The group consists of four representatives, elected by Macaulay students, from each of the eight campuses. All students are welcome to participate and contribute.

Visit the Macaulay Scholars Council website for more information.


Macaulay Scholars Council Charter

The official governing document of the Macaulay Scholars Council is their charter document, located here.This charter will take effect at the start of the 2020-2021 academic year.

It is important for all students to have a voice in their student government. As such, any changes to the Macaulay Scholars Council charter must be approved by majority vote of the student body at large in the annual elections. At least 10% of the student body must vote in favor for any revisions to be passed.


Interested in joining the Scholars Council?

  • Students must be a member of their respective campus and class.
  • Be enrolled for classes as a Macaulay Honors Student in the semester you are serving.
  • In order to take office, a candidate must be in good academic standing.
  • All elected student government representatives are required to complete SPARC training.

Student Government Elections for rising Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes take place near the end of the spring semester for the following year. New Student Elections take place in September for the current year.

Scholars Council Elections