Macaulay Student Media

The Macaulay Messenger is a student-run newspaper for the Macaulay community.





Humans of Macaulay Image

Humans of Macaulay is a student-run photography group dedicated to highlighting the diversity of the Macaulay student body.




The Macaulay Triplets are Macaulay’s a cappella group.





Macaulay Deewane

Macaulay Deewane is Macaulay’s award-winning co-ed Bollywood fusion dance group.





The Macaulay Art Tank aims to connect the Macaulay student body to the arts in New York City through museum trips, art-making, collaborative events with other clubs, the internet, and Macaulay Arts Night, an annual student-curated event showcasing the talent of the Macaulay community.


The 67th Street Scribe is the Macaulay Creative Writing Club’s monthly publication of poetry, short stories, and other forms of writing.




Pied Filmmakers Collective strives to bring together actors, writers, crew, editors, and other aspiring filmmakers to produce short films to be aired online; and to equip the next generation of film makers with the tools necessary to succeed in a constantly-updating media world.


The Macaulay Photography Club unites students interested in photography to take pictures for personal, club, and Macaulay Honors College endeavors. Club members also put together an arts magazine titled Perspectives at the end of the year.