Special Honors Programs

Each of these Macaulay programs results from a unique partnership and provides deserving students with immersive educational challenges and personalized opportunities for future success.

Friedman Transfer Scholars Program

A pathway of academic support for eligible students at CUNY’s community colleges to enroll at Macaulay Honors College.

Goldsmith Scholars

Horace W. Goldsmith Scholars Program

Immersive, personalized experiences designed to support future leaders who have identified graduate education as a goal.

CUNY Honors Business Hub

Bridging the gap between academic excellence and professional success.

Macaulay Honors College - Kenan Scholars

Kenan Scholars Program

A unique, two-semester experience for students to combat the homeless crisis through scholarship, direct service and advocacy work. The program identifies and supports a group of outstanding Macaulay students committed to service and civic engagement.