Title IX Awareness

Macaulay Honors College seeks to create and maintain a safe environment in which all members of our campus community—students, faculty, and staff—can learn and work free from fear of sexual assault and other forms of violence.

The City University of New York and Macaulay Honors College prohibit gender-based harassment of any kind, by students, faculty, and staff. Harassment is unwelcome conduct that may include sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or physical conduct of a sexual nature. Harassing conduct, also implicated by sexual assault, domestic and intimate partner violence, or stalking on any CUNY campus, creates a “hostile environment” which, when sufficiently severe or pervasive, may limit or interfere with a student’s ability to participate in educational activities, or an employee’s ability to perform his or her job. Please contact one of the below mentioned individuals if you experience or observe any of the following at Macaulay Honors College (or on any CUNY campus) you have the option to call NYPD, Public Safety or a Title IX Coordinator:

  • sexual assault or violence
    (if you are the recent victim of sexual assault, click here);
  • unwelcome sexual advances;
  • requests for sexual favors;
  • other verbal, nonverbal, or physical conduct of a sexual nature;
  • harassing conduct due to gender, gender identity, or gender orientation;
  • dating or domestic violence;
  • physical, cyber, or electronic stalking; and/or
  • unwanted physical conduct of any sort.



Contact one of the following Macaulay officials or respective CUNY campus representative, listed under “Title IX Coordinators” immediately. Macaulay Honors College will promptly and thoroughly investigate any allegations of harassment and/or discrimination.

NOTE: Although Macaulay Honors College will initiate an investigation, all investigations are completed and adjudicated by your home campus’ Title IX Coordinator.


University Title IX Coordinator

Mr. Kareem Peat
University Title IX Director
Email: TitleIX@cuny.edu


Public Safety
Diego Redondo
Director of Public Safety
Phone (212) 237-8521
Email dredondo@jjay.cuny.edu


Macaulay Title IX Liaison

Curtis Hoover
(212) 719-2949


Macaulay Deputy Title IX Liaison

Chris Daversa
Phone (212) 729-2937
Email chris.daversa@mhc.cuny.edu


Title IX Liaisons are “Responsible Employees.” The CUNY Policy on Sexual Misconduct mandates that “Responsible Employees” report to the Title IX Coordinator any incident they learn of or is disclosed to them regarding incidents of sexual harassment, gender based harassment, sexual violence, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and stalking.

When an assault occurs off campus, call 911 or go to the local NYPD precinct.

Public Safety can assist you in filing a report with the NYPD. Every effort will be made to limit shared information only to those who need to investigate the situation and provide the assistance you need.

The College has a variety of resources available to any member of the community affected by these issues.  Some of the services available are: No contact orders;  medical care and counseling; changes to work assignments, academic programs or residential housing arrangements; as well as security escorts from Macaulay to the requestor’s preferred means of travel (i.e. the subway station, bus stop or personal vehicle).  Escort services are also available at student’s home campuses.

Public Safety personnel are on staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Public Safety desk: (212) 729-2901.


For more information, please call one of our Title IX Liaisons. If neither of the aforementioned individuals are available, please contact the on-site Public Safety personnel and/or your campus’ Title IX Coordinator.

Additional resources and information can be found at: http://www1.cuny.edu/sites/title-ix/campus_profile/macaulay-honors-college/

New York City Hotlines & Referral Services can be found at: http://www.svfreenyc.org/survivors_hotline.html


Should you wish to speak to someone confidentially, please visit the Wellness Center located in room 305 or email wellness@mhc.cuny.edu to schedule an appointment.