Academic Common Events

Imagine going behind the scenes at a world-class museum with only your Macaulay classmates. Or spending the day immersed in research at  a public park. These large-scale learning events are unique to Macaulay and specifically designed for our students. For each one, the entire class comes together in a non-classroom setting to meet academic challenges in the arts, research, science and other disciplines.


Night at the Museum

Macaulay’s Night at the Museum is the opening event of our Arts in New York honors seminar and welcomes incoming first year students for a special encounter with art and conversation.


BioBlitz provides every Macaulay sophomore with an opportunity to collaborate with world renowned scientists in a 24-hour hands-on event designed to thoroughly measure and catalog the biodiversity of a selected New York city park or ecosystem.

STEAM Festival

The STEAM Festival celebrates critical inquiry in the arts and sciences, with informal presentations tied to final semester projects for Arts in New York City (first year students), and Science Forward (sophomores)

Macaulay Futures of NYC Conference

Sophomores collaborate on a team research projects and then present their work at a cross-campus conference.