Internship and Research Opportunities

The college has strong ties with top companies and organizations who want to hire our students: financial firms, media outlets, cultural institutions, medical centers, research facilities, publishing houses, government agencies, non-profits and more.

Well-structured, with formal training and supervision, our internships provide substantive previews of what it’s like to work in the field.


See a list of organizations that offer internships and learn how Macaulay students land key roles around New York City.

Research Assistantships, Zachary Gershon has won a Goldwater Scholarship for research

Research Assistantships

Macaulay students work with prestigious CUNY faculty members as they pursue original research about a given intellectual field of inquiry. 

Career Coaching

For students and alumni at any level in their career aspirations, Career Development offers personalized, one-on-one coaching to help them succeed.

Meet the Employers

Meet Employers

Learn more about a field of interest or a particular company while meeting potential employers.

Alumni Mentoring

To help students in their chosen academic concentration and professional aspirations, Macaulay fosters mentoring relationships between students and alumni.

Jake Levin

Career Guides

Guides and programs designed specifically for Macaulay students give them the tools they need to succeed at any level of experience in their career pursuits.