Alumni Mentoring

Macaulay Alumni Career Mentors provide career advice and help build a professional network for current Macaulay students. Mentors are recruited from among graduates enrolled in medical, law and other graduate degree programs, as well as those employed in a variety of professional fields.

They work one-on-one with current Macaulay students interested in a similar career path.  Alumni provide application and interview preparation, general career support, networking and guidance.

     “Sameen pushed me to learn more about the field of medicine through clinical experiences and guided me through a process filled with much introspection and self-discovery.”
– Alex Bonilla ’15 (City College)

     “Building networks was instrumental in shaping my perspective of ‘learning’ in the truest sense, it also showed me the important role an individual can play in the lives of others down the road.”
– Sameen Farooq ’10 (Brooklyn College)

Students: How to Request an Alumni Career Mentor

Current students can go to CareerPath to view and connect with potential alumni mentors. Alumni Mentors can be found on the left side menu of your CareerPath home screen.

Log in to CareerPath


Alumni: Sign up to become a Macaulay Alumni Career Mentor

 Follow this link, and click “yes” when asked “Are you an alum?”.

  • If you are not already signed in, you will be directed to the CareerPath Log In screen
  • If you already have a CareerPath account, log in
  • If you do not have a CareerPath account, sign up
  • You will be brought to the “Mentoring Program” tab under “Account settings>My MHC Account”
  • Complete and submit the short form titled “Student Registration”
  • Interested students will then be able to view your profile and contact you directly to request career advice
The time commitment varies by student, but mentors are expected to donate at least two hours to each student per semester. The mentoring sessions are informal and arranged directly by the alum and the student. Alumni from all fields are encouraged to apply.


Lead Organizers by Field

Thomas Brigandi, Macaulay at CSI – Finance and Accounting
Irina Cruz, Macaulay at Baruch – Finance and Accounting
Mary Pennisi, Macaulay at Brooklyn – Legal
Serge Zenin, Macaulay at Baruch – Legal
Harrison Adler, Macaulay at Baruch – Tech
Amanda Perez-McFaline, Macaulay at Brooklyn  Media
Michael Young, Macaulay at CSI  Education

For more information, please contact:

Gianina Chrisman

Gianina Chrisman
Associate Director of Career Development

Office Location: Macaulay Honors College
Phone: (212) 729-2947(212) 729-2947
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Brianne Donnelly

Brianne Donnelly
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and Development

Office Location: Macaulay Honors College
Phone: (212) 729-2941(212) 729-2941
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