5 days ago
New year, new friends. Club Fair is 1/24. Stop by to meet some new people and have a snack. - https://t.co/o6QKGGCP4c
1 week ago
Prof. Brundage has contributed a chapter to "Bodies of Information: Intersectional Feminism and Digital Humanities" published by @UMinnPress https://t.co/nh34kMqeTD https://t.co/kzm0dxFQc4 macaulayhonors photo
1 week ago
Still shopping? CUNY CIS Information Security reminds students to be careful when browsing and shopping online. Read about these surprising scams: 😡  https://t.co/u29bjMHdHN
2 weeks ago
"Americans longed to get their old lives back. But there was no clear road map to “normalcy”... Prof. Ted Widmer writes about 1919: The Year of the Crack-Up https://t.co/2hOnnmtD3O
3 weeks ago
“it was a rare chance, unscheduled, for all of the inhabitants of the planet to remember that they were united…” Prof. Widmer on a 50-year old view of Earth in @nytimes https://t.co/wmWy3aNXDC

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