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The Kenan Scholars Program at Macaulay offers a unique experience for students that’s designed to combat the crisis of homelessness through direct service and advocacy work. Scholars gain a deep understanding of how nonprofits work alongside other entities within the community, and how society’s systems and structures can be improved.

At the start of their time as Kenan Scholars, students prepare meals, distribute food and clothing, and develop an understanding of the causes of homelessness. Later, they take on advocacy roles to delve into research, funding, non-profit management, governmental relations, and other structural issues impacting unhoused individuals.

WATCH: In their own words, current scholars, Randa Elsayed ’24 (John Jay College), Michelle Del Villar ’24 (City College) and Stephanie Gonzalez ‘24 (Baruch College) share how an art therapy program they developed is helping people in need.



Every year, Macaulay welcomes a new group of students to the Kenan program.

Agnes Cheung ’25 (Baruch) is interested in pursuing a career that ultimately allows her to help her community, such as a mental health counselor. Her passion for assisting unhoused individuals grew after taking her Macaulay Seminar 4course.

Jason Sethiadi ’25 (Hunter College) was drawn to public service and working with the unhoused population from his experience volunteering in a hospital emergency department. He plans on attending medical school.

Jenna Como ’25 (College of Staten Island) plans to pursue her masters in clinical social work and move into the field of mental health and social justice. She works with several non-profits including Morgan’s Message and the National Eating Disorders Association.

Katie Davis ’25 (John Jay College) is majoring in Human Services and Community Justice with a minor in Africana Studies. She gained a passion for social justice and racial equity while being a student activist at an organization fighting for educational equity.

Naia Timmons ’25 (Hunter College) is majoring in Urban Studies and Sociology. Her studies center around housing in New York City with a focus on gentrification.

Raitah Jinnat (she/her, they/them) (Hunter) majors in computer science with minors in chemistry and math. Volunteering and interning at the Asiyah Women’s Center sparked her passion.


The Kenan Scholars Program at Macaualy is made possible through a generous grant from the William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust.