Policies and Forms Index

AV Equipment Request Form

Students should use this form to request audiovisual equipment for class and independent projects.

For a list of equipment: Loaner AV Equipment

Building Use Guidelines

The building is open Monday-Friday 7am-11pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-11pm. If the doors are locked when you arrive, please ring the doorbell located just above the left doorknob for access. Everyone needs to present CUNY ID upon entering the building (guests of CUNY students must also present ID). While in the building, all students and guests must follow the Building Use Guidelines.

Emergency Fund Application

The Macaulay Honors College Student Emergency Fund assists Macaulay students coping with an unexpected emergency to enable you to continue your education. The fund is a short-term financial resource to help address non-recurring situations.

Macaulay Honors College Foundation sponsors this program on behalf of the Office of Academic Affairs through gifts designated for this purpose.

Enrollment Status Change Form

The Enrollment Status Change form is to be used for the following requests:

(1) Early Graduation; (2) Extended Graduation; (3) Part-time Status; (4) Leave of absence; (5) Withdrawal from Macaulay Honors College.

Laptop Inventory Form

Annual Laptop Reinventory for Students, Faculty, Staff, & Instructional Technology Fellows

Surveys and Forms (Graduation Requirements)

Keep your record up to date so you and your advisors will know you’re on track to complete everything for graduation. Log in now to: