Macaulay Student Email Account Policies

  • All incoming students will be given a email account. These accounts run on Google for Education, and automatically come with the suite of services offered by Google.
  • Make sure to set up recovery options for your account. This will allow you to reset your password if you forget it. We also recommend turning on two-factor authentication. If you have trouble accessing your account please contact
  • Accounts have 15GB of storage space per user across all the services, including mail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. Users who have more data than that currently stored on an account will have until Sept 1, 2023 to reduce their usage. Accounts that exceed storage limits will be frozen for all actions other than reducing data.
  • Alumni may keep their accounts after graduation, but must inform us that they wish to do so. Macaulay will reach out around the time of graduation to ask you about keeping your account. You can also let us know by filling out this form.
  • Unclaimed accounts belonging to members graduating class cohorts will be permanently deleted after the spring semester of the listed graduation year. (e.g. If you entered Macaulay as Class of 2024, and your account has not been logged into by May of 2024, it will be deleted.)
  • Terms are subject to change in accordance with policies set by Google, CUNY, and Macaulay.
  • Accounts are subject to acceptable use guidelines set by CUNY
  • Learn how to transfer your Macaulay account data to a personal Google account
  • Learn how to download your data from Google.