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Macaulay Honors College Receives $125,000 in City Capital Funding 

Funds will facilitate greater academic access and equity and provide greater student security.

Macaulay Honors College is pleased to announce the receipt of important capital project funding from the office of Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine that will allow the college to better serve students and the community. 

Macaulay operates within a consortial model, with over 2,200 students spread across eight partner CUNY campuses throughout New York City, and the funding is part of a larger program of support for CUNY. Students receive instruction on their home campuses and at the Macaulay building, located in Manhattan at 35 West 67th Street. The college depends on robust technology tools to bring students together virtually for classes, events, and community activities. 

The grant will facilitate necessary technological upgrades to the Macaulay building’s servers, classroom displays, and staff computers, resulting in greater operational efficiencies and better preparation for students as they graduate and enter professional environments. 

In addition to educational applications, the upgrades provide critical protections for the institution, some of whose hardware is ten years old. Every year the Manhattan Borough President provides funding in support of various important capital projects throughout Manhattan. The grants help improve and modernize institutions that make an impact on the lives of all New Yorkers. 

“This is the first grant of its kind for Macaulay,” said Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Roblin Meeks, PhD. “We’re grateful to Borough President Mark Levine and the CapGrants program for the support to improve what we do for our students.”