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Through spring and fall, we will be exploring, co-creating, and piloting ideas for nurturing our shared community resilience.

  • What does resilience mean to you?
  • When have you felt welcomed and supported by community?
  • What is a skill or gift you’d like to share with your community?
  • What should be considered in designing community resources that are safe, accessible, and accommodating of students’ unique needs and preferences?


The Opportunity

Understand Phase (Spring 2024): Two representatives from each of our eight partner campuses will be invited into a leadership cohort of 16 students. With mentoring and support from Design for America, this cohort will receive specialized training in multi-stakeholder problem-solving and will lead this innovative initiative to build a shared understanding of the needs and hopes of the Macaulay student community.

This commitment takes place approximately March 8 – May 10 and requires 2-3 hours/week.

Members of the leadership cohort will receive a stipend of $600 for their service to Macaulay.



Throughout February, Design for America will facilitate workshops open to all Macaulay community members where you learn more about the opportunity and participate in collaborative design activities.



Sign up here to attend a session and learn more about how to apply. (We highly recommend attending a workshop to get a feel for what the project will be like!) No commitment is necessary and you can join the Community Resiliency Lab as a participant even if the leadership role won’t be a fit for your interest or schedule.

Connect with other engaged Macaulay students, voice your concerns and hopes, and get a taste of collaborative problem-solving across multiple perspectives. All are welcome!



  • Feb: Attend Macaulay-wide workshops with DFA to learn more about the Community Resiliency Lab. All are welcome!
  • Late Feb: Apply to join the cohort.
  • Early March: Cohort members selected, and the Understand Phase begins.
  • March-April: Cohort members conduct the project (which everyone can still participate in).
  • May: Attend the closing Macaulay-wide Innovation Celebration to and prepare for the Create Phase (Fall 2024)!

About Design for America:

Design for America (DFA) the next generation of social innovators to tackle the challenges they care about. Students in our national network use design thinking and collaboration to take on real-world challenges in their lives and within their communities.


For more information, please contact Lisa.Brundage@mhc.cuny.edu