Living Made Possible with the Census

By: Kimberly Wyllie Class ‘21

Working for the CUNY Census has been a great experience and I enjoyed my time doing a service to bring awareness to others. This is the first time where students in my generation have the opportunity to take the census themselves. Many of us probably don’t even remember the previous census or what it was like so now, it is a very important time. 


The census is important to everyone who lives in the United States. Here are a few reasons why:

Funding our neighborhood necessities!

Ever wonder why the high school or middle school assigned for your district was not as close as you thought it should have been? Or why there are three supermarkets in a different district but only one in yours? The census has a lot to do with how districts are formed and how many resources are put into it. How? Well, with the count of how many people live in that area. The more people counted in the area, the more resources they will need. So next time you hear a complaint about the local market being too crowded or about needing a new library, remind them that if more people took the census, the government will recognize the need to give more funding for those things. 

It gets you where you need to be 

If you live in NYC, I’m sure you’ve crossed one or two bridges more times than you can count, traveled through the subway frequently or hailed a cab or uber every now and then. The census influences where each city  should build their highways and crosswalks. It also impacts MTA funding. They help to determine the federal funds for new bridges as well with the help of the DOT (Department of Transportation) and HUD (Department of Housing and Development)

Takes care of your family and children

We love our family and we want the best for our children. The census also determines federal funding for school programs, shelters, nursing homes even programs that prevent child abuse. Filling out the census just once every 10 years affects our livelihood every day. It’s also very safe! You don’t need to worry about your family when taking the census because the private information you give will never be sent to any government authority. It’s used for statistical purposes only so no one is ever singled out based on who they are. You and your family’s information is protected by law. 


Take the Census and do right by your community and family! 


To complete your census, click here: