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Majors: Neurology & Economics

“Nowadays, we’re prone to just look for information that supports our own points of view. Instead of searching for contrary viewpoints, we search for information that basically answers the question, ‘Why something I believe is true’. And if that’s all we’re looking for, then we’ll find just that, and nothing else.

There’s also a lack of empathy, I believe. We see others on the opposite side of our beliefs, and we’re inclined to just mark and label them, because humans seek association by nature. But nothing’s ever binary in life. And if we simply make an effort to reach out and understand others’ points of view, and where they’re coming from, we can discover that they’re not necessarily bad people.”

Interviewer: Steven Du ’21 (Hunter College)
Photo Credit: Ralph Venté ’21 (Hunter College)

 Special thanks to student group Humans of Macaulay for this Macaulay student story. Read more.