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Macaulay Honors College Distinguished Lecturer Ted Widmer Inducted into the Society of American Historians

Macaulay Honors College is delighted to announce that Distinguished Lecturer Ted Widmer has been inducted into the Society of American Historians. This latest achievement highlights Widmer’s status as an educator, historian, and writer.

Ted WidmerWidmer possesses a unique perspective on historical events and their impact on society. His latest book, Lincoln on the Verge: Thirteen Days to Washington, garnered critical acclaim for its dramatic narrative and parallels to modern political events.

“Professor Widmer’s vast knowledge, passion for research, and abilities as a storyteller bring history to life for our students,” commented Macaulay Dean Dara Byrne. “His work greatly enriches their academic experience and affirms our commitment to fostering intellectual curiosity and historical scholarship.”

The society’s current membership elected Widmer for the literary merit of his presentation of history and a career spanning academia, politics, and literature. In addition to his other achievements, Widmer was awarded a prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship in 2022.

Roblin Meeks, Chief Academic Officer of Macaulay Honors College, said: “Professor Widmer is a great scholar and educator who creates opportunities for students to engage with the past through immersive experiences in service of shaping our shared future.”