Please fill out this form to complete your receipt of your new MacBook Air laptop. Have a great Fall semester!

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  • Where do I find the serial number and the asset tag?

    To find the serial number, pull down the black Apple logo in the upper left corner of the menu bar and select “About This Mac.” You will see the serial number listed in the next window that opens. Highlight just the serial number, then copy (Command + C) and paste it (Command + V) into the Serial Number field below.

    For the class of 2022, the CUNY asset tag is a white sticker on the bottom case of the laptop, which begins with CEN-00xxxxx. Please type the entire number into the Asset Tag Number field below.

    Do not submit the form without entering both numbers.

    Please complete all information carefully and accurately. Do not confuse the letter "S" with the number 5, or a zero (0) with the letter "O" There should be no letter "O" in any serial number or asset tag number.

    If you cannot find the asset tag or the serial number, please ask for help from one of the session leaders!

  • Please enter the ENTIRE number (including the "CEN-00").
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