Transforming Lives: The Power of a Macaulay Education

At Macaulay’s recent Opportunities Gala, Reshma Shah, Class of 2008, introduced long-time colleague and mentor, Michael Grohman, and shared the impact that a Macaulay education had on her life.

Immigrating to the U.S. when Reshma was two years old, her parents worked tirelessly to provide for her and her siblings.  When it came time to apply to colleges, Reshma, whose grades could have gotten her accepted to any school of her choosing, had the reality of the high cost of tuition set in. She could not put that financial burden on her family. This is when Macaulay changed her life.

Reshma attended Macaulay and received a world-class education, tuition-free. Through the connections made while at Macaulay, she obtained an internship at a law firm. Later on, Reshma returned to that same firm as a practicing attorney: 

Reshma ShahI recently made partner at the firm and it’s really thanks to Macaulay, and the connections, the opportunities that it’s given me. It’s been life changing.

-Reshma Shah ’08, Macaulay at City College

30% of the students that attend Macaulay are Pell grant recipients- putting them in the lowest income bracket in CUNY. These same students go on to become doctors, entrepreneurs, policymakers, educators, scientists, and partners at big law firms — when the burden of crushing debt is relieved, and opportunities are within reach.

It is the support of our community that makes this transformational experience possible. Please join us in changing the lives for students like Reshma and make a gift of any amount before June 30th