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Angela Goh ’23 is the First Recipient of the Liu Shiming Scholars Fund Grant

Macaulay senior Angela Goh (Brooklyn College) is a digital artist, engineer, and aspiring video game animator who is pursuing both a BS in multimedia computing and a BA in digital art. But this summer she set aside her screens to immerse herself in the decidedly 3-dimensional world of sculpture and folk tradition as an intern with the Godwin Ternbach Museum at Queens College. The museum is currently hosting “PASSAGES: Sculpture by Liu Shiming,” a retrospective of the art of one of China’s first generation of modern sculptors, covering six decades of his work. Angela played an important role in producing this groundbreaking exhibition, preparing the site, labeling the work, conducting background research, and gathering digital promotional material.

Angela Goh '23 with Queens College Pres. Frank Wu

Perhaps Angela’s most personal contribution was to design a guided tour for guests attending the exhibition’s reception. She led a group of guests (including Queens College President Frank Wu, right) to consider several of the artist’s key works by highlighting their importance in the collection and their resonance for her. Angela’s experiential learning internship is part of a Macaulay partnership with the New York City-based Liu Shiming Art Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting art students and encouraging multicultural study. Angela was selected as the first ever Liu Shiming Scholar and was awarded a Macaulay Opportunities Fund in addition to being selected for the internship.

PASSAGES features immediate and masterful sculptural works by Liu in ceramic, wood, and bronze, along with drawings that reveal the artist’s visual practice and spirited connection to daily life in China.

Angela reflected on Liu’s work and how his approach might influence her creativity: “His ideas encourage me to find inspiration through my everyday life and the people I encounter. His collection reminds me of the beauty in so-called unpolished work, where its true essence is the life, an expression of the people.”

“PASSAGES: Sculpture by Liu Shiming” is on view through August 18, 2022. MORE