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Mary Kay Jeynes Leaves a Lasting Legacy

A generous $500,000 gift establishes the Mary Kay and Paul Jeynes Scholarship Fund, and provides students with opportunities to develop a global perspective and appreciation.

In the pursuit of a meaningful legacy, individuals often seek ways to make a lasting impact that extends far beyond their own lifetime. One powerful avenue for such influence lies in the act of including charitable bequests in one’s will. As generous donors within the Macaulay community contemplate their philanthropic contributions, they designate the college as an institution deserving of consideration for its commitment to giving students a top-notch education, developing their leadership abilities, and establishing long-time relationships with their peers and with us at Macaulay.

Mary Kay Jeynes, a former college dean, is one example of an inspiring donor. And because of her academic experience she knows, firsthand, the profound impact a bequest can have on an entire college community.

And now you may be wondering what motivated her to select Macaulay to receive this generous legacy.

Mary Kay explained that she and her husband, Paul, have always admired outstanding leadership. Specifically, leaders who are involved in the success of a worthwhile cause and committed to achieving excellence in their own work and activities. When this happens, excellence abounds throughout an organization, and its impact encourages everyone there to reach for the stars. It also motivates students to want to ‘give back’ in the future. And this becomes the ideal cycle of receiving and giving.

It’s thrilling to be part of Macaulay’s enthusiastic community with its high standards of excellence. There’s a feeling of privilege because of the excellence and exceptional involvement of everyone at Macaulay. I also greatly admire its purpose, to develop students’ potential beyond what they ever imagine.

Education has the power to transform lives, and by leaving a legacy I’m investing in the future of countless students.

Mary Kay’s bequest goes a step further.

She established the Mary Kay and Paul Jeynes Scholarship Fund to also honor the memory of her late husband, a successful advertising executive who pivoted his career to pursue his passion for art and became an admired and successful sculptor.

Paul and I have shared the importance of on-going personal development through education, travel, exploration. We’ve experienced the transformative power travel offers when learning about and experiencing different cultures.

Macaulay donor Mary Kay Jeynes in Mexico.“Its my hope this scholarship will enable Macaulay students to expand their horizons by understanding different cultures and gaining insights into their respective history, art, customs, traditions. These experiences may even encourage new and stimulating ways for them to live their own lives. Also, international travel can help them to develop a global perspective.

“And when learning is stimulating and fun, it makes a lasting impact on our lives.

You may be interested in knowing the process of including Macaulay in your will is remarkably straightforward. It provides a seamless way to ensure your support will make a difference in and contribution to many lives, both during and beyond your lifetime.

Your contribution, no matter its size, will play a crucial role in promoting education, supporting study abroad experiences, and investing in students who are determined to contribute positive changes in their community—and the world.

We hope you will consider joining Mary Kay and countless others and leave Macaulay a legacy that transcends timea legacy that will truly make a difference whether it be in our students lives, expand our academic offerings and/or improve our resources!

Contact Stephanie Hyacinth, Interim VP, External Relations
stephanie.hyacinth@mhc.cuny.edu or 212-729-2917


Photos, from top: Paul and Mary Kay Jeynes in 1981; Mary Kay with a relative visiting Uxmal, a Mayan town and UNESCO World Heritage site in Mexico in 2024.