Our family first heard about Macaulay when my son’s friend decided to attend Macaulay at City College (CCNY).  My daughter Kyra looked into the program and became interested in the study abroad and other enriching opportunities offered by Macaulay.  We also felt that the opportunity for her to take rigorous courses at CCNY, a CUNY campus with a very diverse student population, made it a great fit.  She also did summer research at The Grove School of Engineering at CCNY while she was in high school, so she was familiar with the engineering program.

As parents, Vivian and I trusted our children to make decisions about which college to attend that felt right for them.  Kyra felt a diverse student body, the flexibility to pursue her interests through clubs and the Macaulay Opportunities Fund, as well as a rigorous curriculum with unique learning opportunities—such as Night at the Museum and BioBlitz—would allow her to have a more comprehensive college experience.

I mentor Macaulay students who are interested in tech careers because I was fortunate to have several great teachers and mentors who have helped me throughout my life, so I understand the importance of good mentorship.

Macaulay students have the problem-solving ability and drive to be successful in whatever field they choose to pursue.  The tech industry has realized the importance of diversity in their expanding workforce.  CUNY and Macaulay have one of the most diverse student populations, so I want to do my part to help interested students be competitive for tech jobs and internships which have unique requirements and timelines.  I provide Macaulay students with necessary information to better prepare themselves for interviews—for example, by taking fundamental classes in a timely manner, pursuing extracurricular activities to supplement their coursework, and structuring their resumes in a meaningful way.

My wife Vivian and I are first-generation immigrants to the U.S., and we feel that education is extremely important.  Unfortunately, inflation and the cost of tuition and housing have put a college education out of reach for many.  We see Macaulay’s innovative approach as one of the ways in which promising students from diverse backgrounds can achieve their dreams, and we want to help wherever we can.  On a more personal level, Macaulay’s scholarship and Opportunities Fund allowed Kyra to explore new interests and step out of her comfort zone.  All of these opportunities, in addition to personalized advising and rigorous coursework, helped mold Kyra into the confident and capable engineer that she is today.  We hope that by supporting Macaulay financially we can help the program continue to support and develop talented young adults throughout New York City.

We are very proud of Kyra for making the decision that was right for her and graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Macaulay at CCNY.  During her time at Macaulay, Kyra developed her independent decision-making abilities which helped her to forge her own career path after graduation.  While working full-time at GE Aviation, she is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech with an expected graduation date of May 2022.  The leadership and communications skills, along with the social awareness she developed as a Macaulay student, have set her up for success.  Kyra is continuing to leverage these skills as an engineer and as a member of the GE community by leading recruiting efforts and employee resource groups.

Koe family, clockwise from top left: Kyra ’19 (City College), Justin, Andrew, Nora, Vivian, and Jimmy Koe.