Macaulay Crew

What is your Macaulay Crew?
Your Macaulay Crew is your own mini-intercampus community different from your campus cohort. Assigned at Macaulay Orientation along with a senior or junior that serves as a Peer Mentor, your Macaulay Crew is there to be a source of fun, support, and opportunity to network outside of your campus.


What to do with your Crew?
You’ll be added to a chat with your Macaulay Peer Mentor and Macaulay Crew during Orientation, when you get your credentials for the Macaulay Honors College mobile app. Your crew is what your group makes it, so be sure to be vocal or share your thoughts and questions.


What’s my Macaulay Peer Mentor for?
You may have another peer mentor from your home-campus, first-year seminar, or other program. Your Macaulay Peer Mentor will act as your community ambassador to the Macaulay community, and is there to provide one-on-one support to you and your Crew.


Where can I see my Crew?
You’ll meet your crew as often as you like! In addition to being your Crew’s Orientation Leader, your Peer Mentor will organize a fun opportunity for you to connect in the Fall, and an opportunity to fulfill community service hours together in the spring.


Orientation Leader/First Year Peer Mentors along with your Macaulay Crew is assigned at Orientation in August.