@Macaulay Community Spotlight on the Yasin family: Serving Together on the Front Line

Join us for a special discussion with a Macaulay family who worked in the danger zone of the COVID-19 pandemic. Four members of the Yasin family are Macaulay or CUNY-educated nurses whose resilience in the face of great risk to themselves and family show the true spirit of "save a life, save humanity."

@Macaulay Inside Look at Springboard: A Senior Thesis Project

What is Macaulay Springboard? It’s an open-ended senior thesis project that builds on knowledge acquired and opens possibilities for ongoing learning. All scholars in this class have been accepted to present their work at the Northeast Regional Honors Conference, which will be held online this year. This event will highlight the research of 3 students, giving us an inside look at an honors education.

@Macaulay Inside Look: Impact Documentaries with Robert Small

Impact documentaries are recognized as a powerful voice for promoting awareness in the human condition and have become motivating tools to promote real change in the world. Get an inside look at our honors class with Robert Small, Director of Macaulay's New Media & Digital Content Lab.

@Macaulay Community Spotlight on Shelley V. Worrell, Founder + CEO of CaribBeing

The Caribbean is calling! Macaulay Honors College is taking you on a direct flight to the borough of Brooklyn to learn about the people and culture of Little Caribbean.  Come "lime" with Shelley V. Worrell, Founder + CEO of CaribBeing; Macaulay alumna, Ana Luiza Teodoro '18 and musical guest, Kareem Thompson performing on steel pan drums.

@Macaulay Author Series with Daniel Scarpati '15

Daniel Scarpati '15 talks about his book Gofers: On the Front Lines of Film and Television. Moderator: Lee Quinby, founder of Luck Find Productions and retired Distinguished Lecturer at Macaulay Honors College.

@Macaulay Author Series with Dr. Yasmine Daniels ’08

Join us for a lively discussion on women in the sciences, personal branding and professional growth featuring two of our former Hunter scholars: Researcher and author Dr. Yasmine Daniels '08 and Ashley Sealy '20.

Student and Alumni News

Joshua Kemp Named Schwarzman Scholar

Joshua Kemp '17 was named Schwarzman Scholar. This prestigious designation will help him develop leadership skills while pursuing a master’s degree in global affairs at one of the top universities in China.

College News

Macaulay Honors College Top Public University

For the fifth consecutive year, Macaulay Honors College has  earned 5 mortarboards, the highest rating among public university honors colleges and programs.

Macaulay Giving Tuesday

December 1st is #GivingTuesday — when our entire community comes together to support our students. Join the growing tradition.

Antigone in Ferguson

Macaulay Honors College hosts a special virtual presentation of Antigone in Ferguson, staged by innovative company Theater of War Productions.

State by State

The election of 2020 offers a large canvas, suitable for examining history, political science, civics and even some anthropology. Join Prof. Ted Widmer and Macaulay students for a unique event as they share analysis of 20 of the most critical American states in this year's election—and question the health of our democracy in the process.

College News

Extending Honors Opportunities

Macaulay Honors College has received a generous $200,000 grant from GS Humane Corp., a private charitable foundation, allowing the college to expand a program that creates a pathway to honors education for CUNY community college students.

College News

Student Completion Rates Soar

Macaulay Honors College has been recognized for its remarkably high rate of student academic completion .

Watch Now! Macaulay Authors: Carmen Boullosa

Carmen Boullosa in conversation with Joe Ugoretz about The Book of Anna.

Watch Now: Macaulay Authors: Ted Widmer

A president under fire, a nation facing economic struggles and divided by racial issues. The backdrop of Ted Widmer's latest book, Lincoln on the Verge, seems more relevant today than ever. Join us for a virtual discussion with Professors Widmer and Eric Gioia, as they explore the intersections of politics, policy, and how to build a brighter future for New Yorkers.

College News

Tech Preparedness

Macaulay’s long-term investment in instructional technology created specific advantages in the rapid shift to distance learning necessitated by the pandemic.

Press Room

The Macaulay Honors College Press Room is a resource to provide information about the college, its faculty, students, and news about college events.

Macaulay Honors College

Macaulay Honors College
Macaulay Honors College6 hours ago
Carina D'Urso (Brooklyn '22) describes how her experiences with Macaulay Peer Mentors has inspired her to become a Peer Mentor and Orientation Leader.

A Macaulay Peer Mentor leads their group through the first day of Orientation. Beyond that, their role continues to guide students through their first academic year, organizing meet-ups and continuing to foster community within their cluster.

Apply here: http://ow.ly/Ws1a50EmCSI.
Macaulay Honors College
Macaulay Honors College
Macaulay Honors College9 hours ago
Just for students accepted to the Macaulay class of 2025.

Hear how Macaulay prepares its students for a successful transition to professional life after undergraduate study. Current students and recent alumni from a wide variety of campuses and concentrations share their stories, and Macaulay Ambassadors will be on hand to answer questions. This event is for the accepted class of 2025. #macaulay2025

April 21, 2021 | 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

RSVP: http://ow.ly/WkXl50EkiDx
Macaulay Honors College
Macaulay Honors College2 days ago
Please take the time to fill out the Macaulay Honors College Community Service Feedback survey. Your feedback is important and will help inform the community service experience at Macaulay. The survey is anonymous and voluntary.

Macaulay Honors College
Macaulay Honors College3 days ago

Join us in welcoming incoming students Olivia Fratangelo, Ari, Nick Thomas, and Natalia Pozdnyakova! #macaulay2025

Get to know your fellow Macaulay classmates by being featured on @macaulayhonors2025
Macaulay Honors College
Macaulay Honors College3 days ago
Saturday: Arts Night is student-led celebration of Macaulay creativity. Join us and virtually experience different types of art from students and alumni representing all 8 campuses. (Including THIS collage by Jasmine Singh '22.) 🎨 https://macaulay.campusgroups.com/artsnight/rsvp_boot?id=731102
Macaulay Honors College
Macaulay Honors College3 days ago
@ Macaulay Author Series with Tamar Herman ’14

Join us for an exciting discussion with alumna, Tamar Herman ’14 on her recently published book BTS: Blood, Sweat & Tears. Her knowledge of K-pop history and its entertainment industry analysis make her a sought after authority. Joining her in conversation will be Christina Tran ’24 a first-year student at Macaulay, John Jay campus.

April 22, 2021 | 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

RSVP: http://ow.ly/yBGL50Eo142

@queenscollegeofficial @qckoreanclub #queenscollege #johnjaycollege #cuny #cunyedu #johnjaycollege #macaulayhonorscollege #honorseducation #kpop #tamarherman #btsbloodsweatandtears #bts


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1 week ago
This week in Macaulay Monday: We want to make your community service experience better; tell us about it! And, we're launching a content creators club that could boost your following--and Macaulay's. Have a great week! - https://t.co/pVBVvFSMrA
2 weeks ago
Representatives from over 50 top schools want to meet you at the upcoming PRE-HEALTH GRAD SCHOOL FAIR 4/22 - https://t.co/TXKP3rQyRI - https://t.co/b8hHeucIaV https://t.co/5RQbs9baub macaulayhonors photo
The Macaulay Building is closed until further notice. All classes, meetings, and appointments will take place remotely.